Of all the live radio and television shows we have worked on over the decades, the most enjoyable by far are the big outdoor Blues Festivals.

Sunshine, great sound, backstage, and a happy easy-going crowd of music-lovers can’t be beat. And the raw energy and laid-back presence on the stage shoots a bolt of Blues Lightening directly into the audience and they respond in kind.

Blues music ranges from the early origins of acoustic instruments up to the high-voltage lightening of electric blues. It’s very simple – we’re here for the music. Memorable songs, memorable performances – if you bring it, we’ll capture it. Nothing beats the all-out energy of a great live performance.

We’re not here to play around with cellphones and laptops – this is serious professional recording of great music at the highest levels. We capture and preserve this music for the audience to enjoy well into the future. No excuses.

Nobody’s hiding. This is blues excellence on display to share the music around the world. So sit back, throw on some headphones, turn it up and tell your friends about the Blues Shed!

Everything you see and hear on Blues Shed is all-original music created by our in-house team of experts. We record, edit and mix everything in-house so you are guaranteed 100% all-original one-of-a-kind performances of great Blues Music. No pre-recorded material will be found here. Just all fresh-squeezed pure Blues. Just the way we like it!